Super Toys Last All Summer Long

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The short story, super-toys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss, is about the Swinton’s family. The biggest wish of the family is to conceive a real child. Henry Swinton works as the managing Director of the Synthank. Monica, his wife, is at home, taking care of Teddy and their robot child, David, which Henry has brought home. She finds it hard to love him as much as a mother is supposed to. In return he loves her very much. In the story, Henry delivers a speech for Synthank. He’s telling about the development of robots. David and Monica can’t communicate. In the story David try to tell Monica with Teddys help, that he loves her, but he can’t find words. At the same time he’s questioning if he’s real. In the end, they won the parenthood lottery, and get permission to raise their own child. There are a lot of issues in the text. The most important issue is if it is ethically correct to build a robot that can love. Monica can’t love David as she should, because he’s a machine. He needs a mother that loves and respects him, like he does in return. It’s dangerous to make a robot with feelings. What happens when Monica and Henry dies? Should David then live in sorrow forever? What if Henry and Monica get a real child, should David then come to pieces? He’s questioning if he’s real. Is he real? He’s made to love, look like a boy and think almost like a real human. Do you have to be organic to be real? If it’s an overcrowded world, then why do they make
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