Love's Labor By Laura Kipniss

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Love is an ideal that all strive for in life. It governs our actions, our beliefs, and our minds. Love is power. Love governs our culture and society. Our culture has shaped ideals that we live by. It has shaped the role and niche we play. It has shaped the gender roles we abide by. Our culture has given individuals the opportunity for the freedom of thought while still providing guidelines to live by every day. Our minds have created justifications to alter these guidelines when they our actions do not measure up to the social norms. Susan Bordo’s essay, “Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body” focuses on the gender roles society has created while revealing the way the mind justifies a particular sexual way of life. Laura Kipnis’s essay, “Love’s Labors” addresses love and adultery. Kipnis addresses the common way of thinking of why and how cheating is so prevalent in today’s culture. Kipnis goes into detail about the impact love has on our way of thinking. Sister Wives, a new show on TLC, is about an untraditional pologamist family living under today’s pressures of society. The family works as a whole defying the social norms our society has created. With one husband, four wives, and sixteen kids under two households, the family is functional and happy although they are living illegally…show more content…
These three sources provide evidence that demonstrate the power society has in developing ideal gender roles, the influence culture has on the way individuals live their lives, and the justifications that many use to break away from
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