I Am Nujood

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Deanna Zamora Essay #2) I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced Introduction I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced is the story of a young girl named Nujood Ali who grows up in a small, rural, Yemini village named Khardiji. Ali describes the life she had in those very early years as happy times. Some of her favorite things growing up included playing in the garden, playing hide and go seek with her many brothers and sisters, and helping her mother, “omma” tend to chores. Between two and three years of age, Nujood and her family were forced to leave their Quiet home in Khardiji under sudden and suspicious circumstances. They were ordered to leave within 24 hours after Nujood’s father, Aba had a fight with fellow villagers. Nujood’s family settled in the town of Sanas where life became increasingly difficult for Omma and Aba, who struggled to feed their children and had little or no money. Nujood was aware to some degree of her families struggles, but remained happy in her own way as she attended her second year of elementary school alongside her best friend, Malak. Nujood soon discovered however, that she was going to be taken from all she has ever known and loved because Aba had sold her to be the wife of a fellow villager. Without the option of saying no, Nujood weds the man her father has sold her to and was taken to live with him and his sisters. This is where Nujood began to suffer more physical, emotional and psychological abuse than most adults could ever imagine in a lifetime. Nujood was raped almost daily and cried out for her family, only to be ignored and hit by her new “family”. Finally, after crying out and wearing on her husband’s nerves by her refusal to be ignored, Nujood was granted permission to visit her family in Sanas where her long awaited escape suddenly seemed possible. I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced illustrates
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