One Flew over Cuckoo's Nest Midterm Paper Mla

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Robin Flores Professor Anderson English 103 25 October 2012 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest One is to say, woman are portrayed inferior to men because they were never given a position of power, men see themselves superior than women, and are consider as sexual objects. The movie, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” shows the audience that women should stay in a patriarchy system. The female character Miss Ratchet, abused her power as a leader by being over dramatic on her job. The main character, McMurphy never agreed with Miss Ratchet on anything because he feels superior. Two other females that had nicknames are known as a sexual need in the film because McMurphy invited them over to seduce the guard and Billy. First, women are inferior to men because they were never given a position of power. During the 1960s, woman did not have any experience with power because they still lived in a society where men are taking control. In quote, “These gender roles have been used very successfully to justify inequities, which still occur today, such as excluding women from equal access to leadership and decision – making positions” (Tyson, page 85). Males still see females as patriarchal women, not as leaders or decision makers. But there was a reverse gender role in the film. Miss Ratchet was the leader and convinces her higher ups to keep McMurphy to stay in the mental institution because she thought it was the best decision. The movie showed that her decision was wrong and she shouldn’t have that position in the first place because she supposed to be inferior to men. Moreover, men see themselves superior than woman because of patriarchy system. In the film, McMurphy did not listen to Miss Ratchet as a leader and is against all of her decisions as well. McMurphy refuse to listen to her because she is a female. She may be a leader in the mental institution but not to his
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