Speech Critique On Tye Dying

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October 7, 2009 Demonstration/Process Speech With my speech, it was easy to follow and understand. My delivery enhanced the speech. My language choice was appropriate for the audience. I explained the process using steps, which helped the audience see how the process was done. I kept the audience attention throughout the speech. I used an opening interest device to inform my audience of what I am going to talk about. I used power point as the visual aid for my speech, which helped in explaining my process.I kept eye contact with the audience. I related the topic to my audience. I established my credibility and stated the main points in the introduction. I restated my main points in the closing as well as provided a closing interest device. After watching my speech, I realize that I need to improve. I should have rehearsed more than I did. I should have stayed in my time frame instead of under it. In my delivery, I used a couple filler words, and I also used a word that I should not have but corrected it after. I would look down at my paper when I was about to forget what to say and this needs improvement. I had needed to keep my hands out of my pocket. When I was showing my visual aid, I should have pointed more as I was going step by step to really show the audience the process. I needed to watch my visual aid as I presented it, and focus my attention to the audience instead of not really watching my visual aid. Three areas that I will work on for my next speech are time limit, hand gestures and avoiding any filler words. First area, I will make sure that when I practice, I will be in the specific time range. If I am not then I will add more information to fill in for the time. If I am over the time range, then I will take out information to fill in for the time. For the second area, I will keep my hands out of my pockets and use the correct hand
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