Inhaling and Exhaling

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Ms. Lettie McCall HSER 508 September 10, 2012 JOURNALS 3 & 4 As Stewart states in his article on Inhaling and exhaling he explains the receptive and expressive parts of communication…. The first point is to remember is that there’s much more to inhaling than the passive reception of incoming messages. Inhaling combines the two active, interpretive processes of perceiving and listening. People make sense out of the world through their perceptual experience and experience is affected by culture, membership in various social groups, and in fact, by every relationship a person has. Stewart J. (2012) As I read through Burleys analysis of listening skills and I read through segments of the Holy Bible. I can remember a term used in one of social work classes which seem to blend perfectly into my next statement. A “Goodness of Fit”. I said to be myself all that I’m learning has a way of fitting so well together. Social Work 350, (2011) All the pieces seem to fit into a source that continues to grow. Reading about sending and receiving. Reading about nexting and verbal and non-verbal communication.. Burley ( 2011) and Stewart As I read and study and internalize all the chapters I have attempted to read , I find that certain techniques are emerging. In completing certain exercises that are in different chapter s in Burley I am able to see my faults, strengths and weakness. There was an exercise on dissipating bad habits and the end result of not ending them is disorder. Those s help one examine oneself introspectively and to begin to work on self reformation.. The article on self disclosure stated that one must be careful not to disclose any information that the other person might feel is offensive, he or she must be careful to start off slowly self disclosing and hopefully, the relationship will grow and one can add much more as time permits. Stewart J. (2011) P.
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