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D1: Evaluate interpersonal and written communications techniques Over the course of this unit I have had numerous times where verbal exchanges have happened and while this has happened I have kept calm, focused and been clear when speaking to show my confidence when presenting. First impressions are important because they have most impact on the rest of the verbal exchange so using eye contact and giving a smile during this would give a good impression as they can relax and see you as kind. When presenting if you paraphrase certain things, it can help people understand what is going whereas if you didn’t they would just be clueless about the rest of the presentation. Plus summarising the main points at the end can help people understand…show more content…
For the PowerPoint I will write what I need to and make sure that there are a lot of visual aids like pictures and graphs to back up my point but I will check over the work more than once so that there isn’t any mistakes such as spelling or wrong information that would make it look less professional. But for my speaking I will write down what I’m going to talk about and go over it more and more to make sure that I have memorised all of my lines or at least got the idea of what I wrote. When I write down what I’m going to say I have to keep in mind of my audience so I don’t speak in to many high level terms if I’m in a beginners class or speak like a beginner in a professional class. Also if they are my bosses or important people that I have to look professional and keep in the zone whereas if it was a presentation to people my age or younger I could relax a little and not have to worry as much as I could try and get on the level with them creating a better environment where everyone can join in and not feel like I’m just throwing words at them. So throughout this I think that overall I have made good use of all of the interpersonal and written communications techniques that I have learnt throughout all my units. With this, it allowed me to work well in a group and complete the work in an efficient but quick manner, ultimately giving me enough time to make improvements after it’s been

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