Manage Personal Work Priorities

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BSBWOR501A – manage personal work priorities and professional development | Assessment 4 - Interview | | Planned Interview Questions and Answers: 1. How do you serve as a positive role model in the workplace through personal work planning and organisation? I believe I serve as a positive role model in the workplace due to the fact that I am capable of working fast and efficiently, while still producing work at an exceptional standard. I do achieve this form of working however through careful planning and organisation prior to the commencement of my work. 2. How do you ensure your work goals, plans and activities reflect your organisation’s plans and your personal work responsibilities (as detailed in your job description, performance plans, code of conduct, etc.)? I ensure that my work goals, plans and activities reflect my organisation’s plans and my personal work responsibilities by carefully setting out what tasks are scheduled to be completed and by when. This allows me to complete work on or before the due dates given. If there are changes to the schedule, the schedule will be replaced and redone to ensure everything is still completed on time. 3. How do you monitor and maintain your personal performance in varying work conditions? To monitor and maintain my personal performance, I make sure that I am keeping on track with the schedule I had planned as much as possible. If I am unable to maintain to the planned schedule, I will either make up for the lost time in my own time, or I will instead reschedule so I can still complete the set task(s) on time. 4. What strategies do you use to prioritise your personal goals and objectives with those of your team and organisation, to ensure they are all addressed? When I am working in a team or an organisation, I make sure that I have addressed those tasks over other individual tasks to
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