Personal Reflection Paper

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Personal Reflection Paper In my first discussion question that I answered for this course I said that the difference between thinking and critical thinking was the way that we act upon a thought. I also said that a critical thinker will ask more questions to have a better idea about a particular issue. According to Elder (2009), “It is the art of analyzing and evaluating with the goal of improving thought.” (p.9). During this course I have learned many interesting subjects in relation to critical thinking, but there are three that I found to be most significant. The first one is that individuality means more than claiming independence, it means achieving it by acknowledging the influences that have shaped my thinking, by sorting and evaluating my ideas and attitudes, and finally by choosing the best ideas by resisting the pressure of habit and by changing the ways that I think because the evidence tells me to do so. The second subject that was significant to me was how to distinguish a problem from an issue and how to solve them. Solving a problem means deciding what action will change the situation and make it better, whereas solving an issue means deciding what belief or viewpoint is the most reasonable. The third subject was discussed in chapter 8 and taught us how to investigate a problem or issue. According to Ruggiero (2012), “It means getting information others overlook by searching in ways and places that never occur to the uncreative.” (p.138). These three subjects have fortified my creative thinking skills. My critical thinking has changed significantly since day one of this course. I have noticed the positive changes in my thinking and how in turn it has brought positive actions and solutions to problems and issues. I had placed myself as a challenged thinker at stage two in the beginning of the course because I wanted to be fair with myself. I
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