Sociology of Sports

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When we look at the different theoretical perspectives we have to consider which one would be the best for looking at the sociology of sports. The different perspectives are conflict, functionalist, interactionist, and feminist. The functional perspective is where people participate in sports to fit into a group or to boost their social status. To give an example most of the people in my school played on the football team to boost their social status this is sometimes the case with sports professionals although they may be good at the sport they may not do it because they like it or because it’s what they are good at a lot of time it is because of the money and fame. The conflict perspective is made up of the competitive nature of some humans and also the search for power and wealth. You can see this a lot in today’s sports most of the sports professionals have the completive nature but they also may just want the power and wealth hence why some football and baseball players turn down large sums of money because they feel that they are worth more when really they need to realize they are just entertainers and are only worth what someone is willing to pay. The interactionist perspective is what you see yourself as and what you think other people see you as. If you study sports form this perspective you could look at it like the sports professionals do such sports so they make themselves feel important or feel like they are important to other people. I ran into this a lot when I was in the Marine Corps a lot of the men a women that joined where just doing it so they felt important and had that sense of self-worth to themselves and to others. I feel that the conflict perspective is the best way to study sports because I feel that a lot of sports professionals participate in sports for the money power and fame. I feel this way because of the amounts of
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