Why Do Athletes Deserve To Get Paid

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Athletes and Their Pay Entertainment is such a huge part of today’s culture. Not just movies and television shows, but the traditional sports and sports entertainment as well. Think about it, how different would the world be without athletes and sports? There would be no Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, and no World Cup. Let’s face it, sports are a staple in today’s world. Because of this, I believe that athletes deserve to get paid as much as they do today. One reason I strongly believe that athletes deserve the kind of pay they get today is because of the role they play in the community. I think that so many people have the mindset that athletes just throw or kick a ball around every day of their lives and that’s not the case. However, I will admit that some of the work the athletes do in the community is not made public and is what you would call “behind the scenes”. This could lead people to believe that all they really do is in fact throw and kick a ball around, simply because they cannot personally see the community work they do. Athletes are constantly helping with special foundations and organizations to make a difference in their community. For example, the NBA has a commercial about “the NBA cares”. The commercial is about the athletes simply making a difference in people’s everyday lives.…show more content…
We all know it and have all heard it said that teachers, police officers, and firefighters work extremely hard every day and are the biggest influences in the community, so they deserve to get paid more or as much as athletes do. I admit that I totally agree with that statement. I don’t think that teachers, officers, and firefighters should get paid any less than athletes do. I think that both sides have different roles in the world today, and both of those roles are extremely influential and

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