Wear and Tear on Professional Athletes

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Wear and Tear on Professional Athletes Many individuals think that becoming a professional athlete would be one of the greatest achievements/jobs that they could ever accomplish. Not only do professional athletes get paid a very handsome salary but they get to enjoy the luxury of having a sport as a career title. However, most people do not release how much more strain and stress is put on one’s body by becoming a professional athlete. Professional athletes are expected to push their bodies past the extreme, to have potentialy unhealthy diets, and may have to face many injuries. One of the leading causes of athletes shorter live span is injuries. ESPN states that in 2010, the NFL reported 154 concussions before the season was even half way over! In the American League, the Boston Red Sox’ had seven of their 40 staffed team on the disabled list to start the 2011 season. Athletes don’t necessarily only have to worry about injuring themselves during season but also in preseason and training. Athletes can permanently injure themselves at almost any time during their intense work outs and drills. I know I am not a professional athlete, but as an athlete I have injured myself many times throughout high school. Another leading factor in short expectancy for professional athletes is their high levels of metabolism due to diets. Athletes work out daily and plan out their diets on an hourly basis to ensure that they are receiving the type of nutrients that they need to stay extremely proactive. Usually athletes will focus on metabolism. Having a high metabolism is usually a good thing but sometimes not in the long run. Yes, it might be healthier to have a high metabolism but only if it isn’t too high. Researchers have shown that over worked bodies that have too high of a metabolism tend to wear down faster than the average person. This, results in a shorter

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