Student Athletes Should Be Paid

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To Pay or Not to Pay To exploit means to make full use of and/or derive benefit from something or someone. In the case of student athletes, exploitation has become a major argument. In discussions of athletes and money, a controversial issue is whether or not student athletes should be paid. Many argue that being a college athlete is like having a full-time job, with players either at practice majority of the day, or in class the rest. In this case, they question why not give them some sort of payment to help aide the harsh student expenses they are forced to pay? While some may argue that they should be paid, others contend that they should not. Many may propose that student athletes should be not be paid because money could possibly have…show more content…
On the other hand, it is my opinion that student athletes should not be paid; because, scholarships usually cover a big deal of expenses, it would be unfair to their peers, and most colleges and money could change the way a…show more content…
I am in total agreement with this statement. I believe that it is true that once money is brought into the situation, students will no longer look at the sport the same; “playing” would no longer be playing. It would no longer be something to do because of the enjoyment. It would become a job that has to be done because what they seek in the end. At the end of the day, the college athletes are involved in this situation because a love once their drive to compete (Collegian Staff). Once money is too involved, that love and passion will be focused elsewhere (Collegian Staff). I am also in agreement with this statement as well. I feel that once money is involved, the focus would no longer be solely on schoolwork. The main focus would then become getting the “job” done

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