Americans And Greed

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Americans were raised on a land of greed and brought up to always want more. With free land and more opportunities, people were beginning to have more confidence and dreams of a prospering life. America was founded with the yearn for more, but over the years “more” is becoming less achievable, therefore people are deserting morals and ethics in order to achieve great success and wealth. The society in America is becoming more divided as the corporate and political leaders continue to attack the average citizen. Although the economy is crashing down around us, Americans still have the hope for more because that’s all they have known and it would take a miracle to change that. America claims to be the land of the free and home of the brave…show more content…
After the start of the industrial revolution, companies used man power in exchange for large profits. Business was booming and the rich kept getting richer, but they still wanted more. As companies became large and turned into corporations, they discovered if they shorten the supply; the demand will stay the same. This resulted in higher costs for the same products. Corporations could have saved the welfare of their employees but money was the only thing on their mind. “[I]t was done for short term profits and to destroy the unions. Millions of people were thrown out of work and the remaining workers were told to work twice as hard but the wages for working people remained frozen” (Capitalism: A Love Story, Prod. Michael Moore). Corporations began to obtain political power during the Reagan administration when President Reagan passed laws that accommodated corporations and their profits. They were now legally allowed to steal from the working class. While they were stealing citizen’s hard earned tax dollars in bailout checks, they also were getting tax breaks on their record making profits. Michael Moore brought to our attention that “[t]he richest Americans had their top income rate cut in half” (Capitalism: A Love Story. Prod. Michael Moore). This reinforces the extent of Corporations greed and their version of a booming America. What they don’t choose to see or assist in is the crumbling society that…show more content…
Many Americans are blinded by the image of success; they will do anything to portray that image even if they can’t afford it. Americans have become so accustomed to loans; they will take our high interest loans in order to live the new American dream. While America is falling deeper and deeper into debt, corporations and high ranking officials are living in a booming society. They are doing this by laying off their workers in masses. With fewer workers they force their employees to work harder with the same pay. This saves them time and money but “[t]he ethic of decency has been upstaged by the ethic of success” (Shames 78). They are stealing people’s homes and belongings with smiles on their faces and richer because of it. People are losing sight of “We the People” and replacing it with personal gain. Americans were planted with the seed of greed when they flourished from this land and are continually pursuing that need. People live daily lives attempting to come out on top. Whether that’s cutting people off to get ahead in traffic or stealing from the poor, Americans engage in some form of greed in their life. People have the thought in their head that they can always do better than their present. People always want more and society is always pressuring them into

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