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The Universities of Alabama and Texas, and my beloved Ohio State University, brought over $115,000,000 from the 2008 college football season ( This just in: that’s a lot of money and a lot of fans. Fans love to watch college athletes win on the court or field, but they might not realize that many of them lose in the classroom. The role of college athletics in American Universities has changed dramatically since the first intercollegiate competition in 1852. Initially, sports were viewed as a distraction. However, by 1920, college athletics became part of the makeup of higher education (Davis 744). Within the last 25 years, college athletics has taken on a role that is big business for schools. In fact, during early 1990’s,…show more content…
The NCAA is a greedy organization that chooses to exploit gifted athletes. They falsely refer to the athletes as “student- athletes.” The main priority of an athlete is excelling in his sport, which generates money for both the school and the NCAA (745). Therefore, an accurate label is “athlete-student,” or better yet, “slave”. One of the “incentives” for athletes in college sports is the concept of a “free” college education in return for playing a sport at the university level. The impression one gets is that the student-athlete plays a sport and receives a quality education. This in fact is not the case for many college athletes (745). In the case of Kevin Ross v Creighton University, a basketball player at the university finished his four years of “study” with a GPA of 0.54 and was completely illiterate. A lawsuit was filed against the university for wrongfully recruiting and enrolling him despite knowledge that he was unprepared to participate effectively in the universities academic program and had very little chance to obtain a degree. It is absolutely absurd for a college graduate to “double dribble” in the classroom and ultimately “foul out” of life. Other athletes in other universities including Dexter Manley, an NFL star, graduated as functional illiterates

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