Why Sports Matter

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Agreeing & Disagreeing with an Argument When it comes to discussions of how sports, over time, have changed many perspectives on how to live life, one controversial issue has been whether or not sports have taught us to maintain discipline rather than being something that someone must pick a side on. Some people believe that sports were created and implemented in schools to teach patience, honesty, and discipline amongst the male population. In contrast, others maintain that sports are heavily competitive and that it is not the matter of discipline and sportsmanship anymore, but it is the vital need to win the game. In “Why Sports Matter,” Wilfrid Sheed, contends that in the old days, sportsmen were paid by glory, and by giving them the motivation they need to perform better. According to Sheed, “Schools and colleges also teach something by their very natures, which is that you are now playing for a whole community and not just yourself” (498).” Essentially, what Sheed is saying is that sports have brought entire communities to share and experience one thing they love, and that this is truly honorable for the individuals playing the game. The amount of pride one presents on his or her favorite sports team or individual is phenomenal and to know that a game can bring together a community of very different perspectives is a thought to be cherished. I am of two minds on this issue. On the one hand, I believe that sports do have an underlying role for disciplinary actions within the players because the game teaches them patience, sportsmanship, and honesty. But on the other hand, I understand that in today’s regime, sports has become a career choice, and how well one performs determines their life’s salary. My point is that nowadays, sports have become a game of money rather than a game of fun and enjoyment and this proves to be detrimental to all the values
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