Sociological Issue Of Racism

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Sociological Issue-Racism Randy Hancock Axia College of University of Phoenix SOC/120-Introduction to Sociology Dr. March November 25, 2012 Sociological Issue-Racism Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids racial discrimination and persecution during the process of hiring, discharging, promoting, salary(pay), job training, fringe benefits, referrals, classifications, and other facets of occupations during…show more content…
Individuals from all around the globe throughout times past have immigrated to America so they could have the chance to live a free and better life. They arrived with the mentality to work earnestly as well as bring in money for their loved ones, but they were undoubtedly by no means prepared to be confronted with the reality that some people in the U.S. at no time wanted them to arrive in the U.S. in the first place. There was a feeling of anger and even hate steered towards them, and the viciousness of hatred crimes that came along with the racial discrimination spurned these feelings further. A collective way of discerning racism is that of a set of beliefs about the unfairness of races, wherein some are considered inferior to others (Gracia, 2010). Racism predominately happens when a person from one race views another person from a different race in an adverse behavior which can sometimes involve physical and emotional violence. Racial discrimination has been present in America from the time of the 18th century and is still present today, but nowhere near as harsh as in the past centuries(Gracia, 2010). Racial discrimination is never an easy subject to talk about, especially the discussions throughout history class in high school about Blacks being slaves at the time, and the teachers and some students not desiring to really go into detail on the subject for the reason that there are African American learners in the class. Racial…show more content…
During the course of history, as a result of discrimination and prejudice, hate groups and hate crimes arose which instigated violence and in times in history brought back memories people would like to try and forget. It is for this reason that certain people think of racism is just a habit of insight that advises and influences the way some people see other people. And other individuals focus on the actions that affect unfavorably, or discriminate against folks toward whom they are focused (Gracia,

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