Essay On Institutional Racism

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Institutional Racism in the United States Some racism is blatant, when one person is intentionally prejudice against another. Some can be Subtle, such as a joke or comment. And some racism can be unintentional, such as institutional racism, when the intent is not racist but the outcome is. Institutional racism is more subtle, less visible, and less identifiable than individual acts of racism (Cole 2008). Being unintentional makes institutional racism very dangerous. How can individuals correct their behavior if they are unaware of their actions? When I was in my twenties I was the Operations Supervisor for a small savings and loan. We were looking for a part time teller and I was in charge of interviewing potential candidates. We had…show more content…
One of my good friends is an elementary school teacher. When she first earned her teaching credential she was recruited by the Basset School District who was looking for white teachers. This seemed odd at first because Basset School District is in La Puente, which according to the 2010 Census has a population of 85.1% Hispanic and only 4.6% of the population reported as white. The school district even offered what they called “combat pay” as an incentive to white teachers. By doing so the school district, whether unintentional or not, alienated qualified teachers of other races. This includes the majority race of the students, in favor of white teachers. One major example of institutional racism is in our legal system. According to the FBI Homicide Table 3, in 2010 there were 4,849 white offenders convicted of murder and 5,770 black offenders convicted of murder. Considering African Americans make up only 13.1% of the American population, these numbers are astonishing. In conclusion, institutional racism is a growing concern in our society. Because this kind of discrimination is neither intentional nor overt it is hard to combat (Slayton 2009). We need to make every work place, school and government agency understand the issues and know that racism is not always easy to
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