African American Stereotypes Essay

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Stereotypes Three stereotypes that I have encountered in my life have had to do with African Americans. I myself am an African American male. One of the most common stereotypes that I have encounter was African American males are violent. African American males are commonly associated with crime, even though it is proven by the FBI that the majority of crimes in the United States are caused by Caucasians and Hispanics. According to the FBI, in 2008 there were a total of 10,662,206 arrests in the United States, 69.2% of the people arrested were Caucasians, 28.3 % African Americans, 1.3% American Indians or Alaskan Natives and 1.1% Asian or Pacific Islanders. Despite of the FBIs’ records of crimes and arrests, people tend to relate African American men with violence. I have had people accuse me of being violent due to some of my actions but I have never been violent towards anyone ever. My mother raised me better than that and…show more content…
The one "African-Americans are well endowed" sounds particularly stupid – is it implying the stereotype doesn't extend to black British people, for example? Are only black AMERICAN men well endowed? This whole "African American" thing is just stupid. Let's call a spade a spade and black people black. As far as I’m concerned black people are the 2nd largest population in America. Throughout the years, they have grown a tough shell to deal with the hatred. To be honest it does hurt, it's just reminds me the kind of world we live in. I have to tell myself to not care what others think of me because what is the point? Karma would eventually get to them and that makes me feel good. I live with it by not associating myself with the black people who live up to those stereotypes. I hang out with every color of the rainbow or with "Oreos" because that’s my term for black kids who aren't going to end up shot or pregnant by
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