Generational Racism

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The first attempt to integrate Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas in September 1957 played an extremely important part in the black civil rights movement in America. Some of the causes of this were: Generational Racism The 1954 Supreme Court decision to integrate schools throughout America Eisenhower's little faith in supporting the black community in the south because it may make it worse. The first cause I will discuss with the Little Rock crisis was generational racism, that is racism from parent to child from when blacks were slaves. The consequences of this was the mind set that was in a fair amount of white citizens of Arkansas (racism). The families of the white students would not let this happen, and may have decided…show more content…
These groups were determined to prevent integration at all costs. In 1957 the principal of Little Rock High School was getting death threats and threats to bomb the school. Yet another cause was that Eisenhower had little faith in the measures to support the Black community in the south because a change in heart was required and you can not enforce that. He felt that enforcing these laws may make matters even worse. When Eisenhower finally did something and sent the 1,000 paratroopers, a lot of the people in America were extremely annoyed, the west and north were angry that it didn't happen sooner and the south were angry that it happened at all, and disowned Eisenhower as a southerner. Eisenhower did not do this to help the blacks, but to enforce law. The causes and consequences of the Little Rock Crisis were on international television and were a huge eye opener for the rest of the world. Because of this, countries were putting pressure on America to stop this from happening. This is possibly the turning point for the black civil rights movement in
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