Sociological Imagination Analysis

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Charles Wright Mills’ concept of The Sociological Imagination states that in order to understand yourself and your place in the world you have to be able to see the connection between the two. It starts with how your family came to be. Based on where they lived, their financial status and even their religion shapes them into who they are. You have to be able to understand that your family’s beliefs and social status have a direct impact on you. You grow up believing, thinking and acting accordingly based on how your family functions. As you grow up you are exposed to other people’s cultures and beliefs which impact how you in turn act. With each new generation our world changes. How each individual acts in society changes society. As people…show more content…
We make decisions based on what we know and have seen up to that point. Our family size, family income, age, gender and race all play vital roles in shaping who we are. We learn from social, historical, cultural and economic factors as well. If history shows us that being a janitor is an low earning job and can see socially that most of the upper class people are doctors, attorneys and politicians, then we know we don’t want to go to school for that job. We want to be the doctor instead. If my co-worker just received a raise because she has a college degree then that makes me want to earn one as well. Everyone around us helps to shape us into who we are…show more content…
I came from a divorced middle class family. I am the youngest of 5 kids. I was raised in a neighborhood with people of different nationalities. Two of my siblings have college degrees while two don’t. I married and started my family young like my mom. Both of my parents were hard workers and that never missed a day unless they were really sick. I have developed that same work ethic. I saw my mom go back to school when I was little to earn her degree so I knew going to school at any age was an option. I want my kids to know that it’s good to have dreams and goals at any age and they can have the life they want and deserve

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