Scholarship Narrative Essay

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The interest and decisions I have made since I was young makes it obvious that the medical field has been on my mind. I began thinking on terms of how people work. I took things apart just to see the anatomy inside. Quickly learning everything possible about the devices I would put them back together. Every now and then I would build it better than it was before, similar to the job description of a doctor. This year as a senior, I am one of the five students from Warren East High School to attend a medical nursing aid program at Warren County Area Technology Center. This program focuses and emphasizes the medical field mainly through hands on training. I am lucky to have not paid for this class because I took it in High School, but this opened my eyes to see that one class like this would cost me around five hundred dollars but it is so rewarding towards my future at the end. I am also president of HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) club and I strive to be a leader in my class as well as my community. As I prepare for college I want to continue my leadership and excel into the pre-med field so that I can progress further into my career dream. I just need a little financial help along the way. These days college is becoming more difficult to afford. It is turning out to be a challenge to fund a college education. Scholarships are the best way for me to keep advancing into the medical field. Not only will this scholarship reward with money but it is prestigious and an honor to receive one. It proves to others that you work diligently for what you want and it gives recognition and the credit earned through hard work and dedication. I want to be the one to show this commitment as I progress through a doctorate degree. If awarded this scholarship I would not only fulfill my aspirations, but this scholarship will help others as well. The medical field
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