Culture Diversity Essay

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Maranda Micciche According to the article written by Garcia, define the key elements of the term “culture.” Each person is born in a cultural setting. The way we are brought up in our schools, religion and our social setting determines our culture and our behavior. A person's culture has an effect on their behavior because different cultures believe in different things. In some cultures it may be respectful to take your shoes off when entering a house, where in other cultures it may be offensive. What a person believes will directly affect how they behave. Your view of life is influenced by the culture and lifestyle of your caregiver. The culture that you are born into will influence how you see the world. We realize that the understanding of our personhood and our communication skills are developed as people continue to hang out with the rest of society. As an example, if someone moves to Texas and is constantly with people from their culture, they will eventually change their traditions as well as their communication skills and end up pronouncing words with their accent. It affects how we see ourselves "fitting" in the world around us. We are influenced in a negative or positive manner by the lifestyle of our environment. Society and family indicates how we are accepted by the larger community in which we are encouraged to interact and develop our own personal perception. We begin to define ourselves in the culture to which we are born in, our way of interacting in social relationships, our music, our language, and our morals. As we grow up, lifestyle becomes our personal choice of how we influence or discourage our behavior. I believe that when we are born, there is no choice to go against your parent’s morals if you want to be accepted into the environment you were born in. Finally, as people constantly have technology in their social interactions,

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