Social Study Essay: Northeast Vs. South

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Social Studies Essay: Northeast Vs. South In the 19th century, the country was finally starting to figure out who they were. The Northeast and the South were not always in agreement with each other, though they did agree on some things. The northeast being located where it was gave it some advantages to how it developed, and with the south, the same thing. It may have gave advantages to how it was developed, but that does not mean it was always for the better. The northeast early on had abolished slavery; while the south was very dependent on slavery. In the south, slave owners needed their slaves to pick cotton which their whole economy lived on, but in the early 1800s, owning slaves was becoming too expensive, and some slave owners were even starting to free theirs. It was not until Eli Whitney came forward with the Cotton Gin, which was a machine that made it a whole lot easier to get the seeds out of cotton. They now needed their slaves again. In the northeast, around the same time, they were going through the Industrial Revolution. Eli Whitney, again, came forward with the idea of interchangeable parts to manufacture muskets. This created more factories and more jobs, and unlike the south, the northeast depended…show more content…
The north would write books, and newspapers, and give speeches about the wrongs of slavery, but the south wasn't giving in. Though slavery wasn't abolished in the south, in the north, African Americans were given the right to vote. This cause many slaves to try to escape their owners, to get to the north, where they would be free. Because African Americans now had the right to vote, women found it unfair that they still did not have the right to vote. Many women, including Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, took action to gain their right. It wasn't until 1869, though, that the first state, Wyoming, passed a law permitting women to
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