Social Psychology Definition Paper

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Social Psychology Definition Paper 1 Social Psychology Definition Paper September 11, 2012 Social Psychology Definition Paper 2 Social interaction plays a major role in defining social psychology because social psychology includes areas that include: psychology, evolutionary theories, and physiology. These areas according to Harold, (2000) are components of uncultivated areas of the social sciences. The principles of natural selection and adaptation can explain the biological theories that explain human hair color to choices for reproducing. At the same time sociology explains the choices of social structuring and how humans organize socially. However, social psychology has the job of explaining what people think about, how the thought affect people, and how the thoughts will interact with each other on the biological, psychological, and social levels (Myers, 2008). If the predispositions of genetic and biological components are a predisposition for becoming a film maker, the camera, and the person behind the camera, through the use of social interaction creatively make a movie that will not soon be forgotten. The social interaction that created the film will also use cognition and behaviorism. The main concepts behind social psychology and psychologists can be defined by beliefs, attitudes, how each perceives the world, how people conform, and how people develop independence. Social psychology explains: 1.) social reality; 2.) social intruition; 3.) how personality, our biology, person and social attitudes, and influences shape us, and 4.) how the principles of social psuchology can be and are applied to everyday life (Myers, 2008). Social reality can be constructed through the viewpoint that people can only view reality through beliefs and values. Our thinking is processed and if we make quick
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