Psy 400 Social Psychology Definition Paper

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Social Psychology Tandy Noonan Learning and Cognition/PSY400 12/19/2011 Dave Brueshoff Social Psychology Definition Paper How do we define Social Psychology and what influences does it have on individuals? When one understands social psychology they will be able to help others in being the best they can. In this paper you will find the definition of social psychology. Along with the definition of social psychology, you will find a discussion on how social psychology is different from sociology. Defining social psychology "Social psychology is a science that studies the influences of our situation, with special attention to how we view and affect one another; social psychology is the scientific study of how people think about; influenced, and relate to one another."(Chapter 1 University of Phoenix, p.4). To explain the is that an individual may consider how someone else could exhibit because of the present of certain individuals. For example, think about how a teenager will behave when their parents are around, and they do it to gain the acceptance and approval from their parents. On the other hand when you see the teen around peers and friends, they act in a certain way so they can be accepted by their friends. So whenever someone feels the need to be liked instead of not being liked, the result will be the teen conforming to peer pressure in order to be accepted by a particular group of people, such as drinking at Parties. The Role of Research in Social Psychology In researching the role of social psychology, which helps to understand how other people will play a role in one's attitude and their behavior which influences a person’s life. A psychologist can understand the physical effects on someone when disturbing events continue to take place in one's life and this is all carried out by research. According to Ross (2004), this article
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