Snazzy Sodas

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Question 1 In order for successful expansion of the new line of energy drinks that Snazzy Sodas are promoting careful considerations in the marketing strategy will feature.(Armstrong 2012 p52) The market targeting strategy has to maintain a customer centred motivation. Through dividing distinctive markets by processes of individual and personal characteristics, wants needs and behaviours of the consumer the basis of the marketing segmentation is established (Armstrong 2012 pp52-55). From this position greater classification of the market segments can be maintained. The target market for the energy drink would redevelop and associate with varied amounts of current markets to carefully build and generate profitably whilst upholding customer value.(Armstrong 2012 p55) The product of energy drink is already situated in target market of health conscious consumers driven by cultural and social value. The company must evaluate each market segment and apply corrective…show more content…
A connection in a socially and physically active society and environment may be the stimulus for particular consumer behaviour. However cultural shifts within the health and fitness industry in society could also address the desire and motivation for these particular consumers.(Armstrong 2012 p149) Consumers over recent years may have changed their lifestyles to inhabit health conscious lifestyles, the energy product may endorse the consumers whose lifestyles reflect a combination of health
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