Discuss Impact Technologies on Healthcare Information Systems

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Assignment 2: Competition, Marketing Mix. And Pricing name professor HSA 305 date Determine the key characteristics of the users of the products and/or services of the health care provider you selected. Aetna uses three principles to help drive out of the box thinking: innovation, integration, and information. To keep the creative juices flowing, Aetna assigns dedicated innovation officers. Aetna hires a dedicated innovation officer to drive new ideas in each of its major department (e.g., care management, product development, pharmacy). Integrating these change agents into operational teams (as opposed to putting them in a separate innovation center) helps Aetna better identify opportunities for incremental improvements to the customer experience as well as more radical new approaches. “Aetna starts projects by first understanding customer needs. Aetna focuses its innovation efforts on eliminating perceived gaps in its existing customer experience” (Aetna, 2012). That’s why it starts each innovation effort by developing a clear understanding of what a customer wants whether that customer is a consumer, a benefits manager, or a clinician. To do this, the innovation team speaks directly with customers, gathers secondary research and feedback from sales support, and conducts surveys and other information gathering approaches as needed. To get a sense of where consumer expectations will be for health insurance two to three years down the road, Aetna keeps its eye on industries like retail and financial services that tend to set the bar for customer experience excellence. Aetna invests in technology that fosters an innovation community. “Because Aetna wants to make innovation a pervasive part of its strategy, the company invested in a collaboration platform from BrainBank that lets it extends its innovation community across the entire company” (Aetna, 2012). All

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