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Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper HCS/539 May 21, 2012 Russell L. Zage Abstract This paper is providing the study of the health Care marketing plan of the St. Andrew’s Hospital of diabetes. Four P’s of the marketing, the relationship of the organization’s marketing and its partners. It will also discuss the marketing done on the basis of demographic, psychographics, and the data from the general area. Four P's of Marketing There are four P’s of the marketing. These are product, price, place, and promotion Product The product mean goods, services offer by organization and are they distinctive, superior, easier to use. Many years ago in health care industry product defines as a medical procedure or orthotic device to precise…show more content…
It helps to find out that what company’s product significantly influenced and how to distribute to consumers. Place may involve assessments about to location or the times medical services can be retrieved. The marketing deliberation for place is very important in today’s managed care setting. Moreover, health care organizations establish managed care plans for customers to enroll in insurance selection that fulfill for their health care needs; a place adjustable assumes a critical role. Companies must consider location before offering the health care plans or prepaid health plans. Potential enrollees in health care plan must have access stress-free primary…show more content…
The organization has to target the potential customers according to its products. As these days the diabetes is getting popular among people and our hospital is marketing the medicine that controls the diabetes among the children and elderly parents. To market the new medicine the marketing group needs to know the population make up in terms of age, gender, marital status, occupation, and income level. It can help to get the information on the consumer. Most of the research is done on the basis of demographic but now the psychographic marketing is becoming popular. It is based on the lifestyle, behavior, and attitude of the person. Psychographic marketing goes along with demographic marketing and allow the organization to promote the product effectively. According to "Living With Diabetes" (2012), “African Americans are almost 50 percent as likely to develop diabetic retinopathy as non-Hispanic whites.” Demographic and psychographic data brings out the lot of information that is impossible to get without the demographic and psychographics marketing. According to The Office Of Minority Health (2012), “In 2006, Hispanics were 1.7 times as likely to start treatment for end-stage renal disease related to diabetes, compared to non-Hispanic white

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