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Career Development Plan Job Analysis and Selection Linda Sands HRM 531 May 30, 2010 Career Development Plan - Job Analysis and Selection The merger between InterClean and Enviro Tech will create a full spectrum cleaning service that will ensure future profitability for both companies. Currently, InterClean is limited to selling cleaning products but with the merger will begin selling services and solutions to healthcare organizations as well. To support the companies new goal assimilating a successful sales team is crucial. This new team will consist of five to seven members, which will be headed by the midlevel sales manager. The first step will be to create a job analysis of the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the new sales positions. Next we will create a workforce planning system and finally, we will select the members for our team. In performing the job analysis we chose to utilize two methods, a structured…show more content…
HR will select individuals based on there experience, performance appraisal and a pre-screening interview. If applicants pass the pre-screening by HR the Vice President will interview the candidates. Employee records will be readily available as all candidates are being hired internally. The Vice president and HR are in the process of developing a compensation and promotion plan that will consist of a base salary and bonus structure. The training program will focus on the new sales strategy and center around the short and long-term goals of the company. Training will provide employees with the knowledge and skills to sale clients a full cleaning service solution versus simply selling products. In addition training will instill the important concept of excellent customer service and how to achieve long-term relationships with clients. The VP and sales manager will mentor the sales force in applying this training and knowledge when working with
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