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Best Snacks Problem Solution Christopher Blasdel MMPBL550/Creativity, Innovation and Organizational Design January 23, 2011 Josey Chrisostomo Best Snacks Problem Solution Best Snacks, Inc. is a successful, seasoned organization with more than 100 in business. As the times and industry change, it is imperative that an organization maintain an innovative edge to keep up with competition. In the case of Best Snacks, the last five years have been less than successful as the offerings provided have not changed significantly. Innovation is a must have within a business plan, and for Best Snacks, Inc., the lack of innovation has hurt them tremendously. It is necessary for Best Snacks to gain a creative and innovative edge and approach the competition within the market head on. In order to do so, it will be imperative that Best Snacks infuse the organization with creative energy. The ability to learn faster, better, and more cheaply than the competition can mean the difference between maintaining market leadership and barely surviving (Davila, Epstein & Shelton, 2006). As a means to jump ahead of the competition, Best Snacks, Inc needs to revitalize its corporate culture and focus on innovation, creativity and work-life balance. It must create efficiencies within the organization from the top down and emerge in its industry as a fierce competitor. Describe the Situation Although Best Snacks has been in business for a long time, its lack of changing with the times is hurting sales and demand for its products. With more organizations embracing a healthier alternative to snack food, Best Snacks has not moved along with the trend. By avoiding this, Best Snacks’ sales figured have declined over five years (University of Phoenix, 2010). Since Best Snacks has lagged behind on adapting these principles, it has led it miss opportunities in marketing, research and consumer

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