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MGMT 660 Aqualisa Quartz Case Analysis I. Situational Analysis Strengths (Internal) • Strong brand name reputation and service in the shower market. • Number three in sales for the U.K. shower market. • Has developed a product in the Quartz that is vastly superior to any other shower. • Employs a top notch engineering team that has grown to 20 people. • Owns a state of the art testing facility and has acquired nine patents. • The Quartz was awarded the top prize at the London Bathroom Expo. Weaknesses (Internal) • While perception of service is still high, actual service has slipped in recent years. • Roughly 10% of Aqualisa showers encounter issues and need to be replaced. • Some people at the firm are reluctant to take risks because they’ve been a very profitable company for many years. • Some people at the firm believe that the Quartz might cannibalize their existing core product the Aquavalve. • In order the sell the Quartz the sales reps sometimes have to point out deficiencies in their core products. Opportunities (External) • Breakthrough innovations are rare in the shower market and demand for a shower that addresses all the major problems of the day in one unit seems to be high. • Many existing showers wear out and need to be replaced. In fact, 44% of all shower sales in the U.K. consist of replacement showers. Threats (External) • Consumers are generally uninformed about showers and the options available to them. • Only 27% of people select the type and brand of shower without advice from a plumber.

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