Empowerment in Nursing

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Empowerment in Nursing Practice Health Promotion is an essential part of nursing, The World Health Organisation, 1986 defines health promotion as ‘Enabling people to increase control over and improve their health’. I think that as health promotion has developed over the years and people are learning more about how to effectively promote health, it has become about, still using interventions but going further by helping to support the public, making them believe that they can succeed, as they choose to change their behaviour for the better. This is made clearer by Ewles and Simnett 1993, who define it as; ‘raising the health status of individuals and communities. Too often the word promotion, when used in the context of health promotion, is associated with sales and advertising, and taken to ment propaganda approach dominated by the use of mass media. This is a misunderstanding: by promotion in the health context we mean improving health: advancing, supporting, encouraging, and placing it higher on personal and public agendas’. A similarity between these two definitions is that they can both be seen as providing information to allow the person to make the necessary choices to improve their lives. This can be linked to Ewles and Simnetts’ definition regarding empowerment, about helping people change how they feel about themselves by supporting and encouraging them to change their behaviour to increase their chance of living a healthier and more fulfilled and extended life. They go on to define empowerment as ‘modifying the way people feel about themselves through improving their self-awareness and self-esteem. It involves helping them to think critically about their values and beliefs and build up their own values and beliefs system’. The relationship between empowerment and health promotion is discussed in the World Health Organisation Health Report by Nutbeam,

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