Skill of Old Mother Savage

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Assignment One Write an essay about skill in one or both of the short stories. This can mean either the skill of old mother savage herself, or of Montresor. Larry Updyke The skill of someone is a matter of opinion and point of view of the person you are asking. So to ask me if Old Mother Savage and Montresor have skill I would have to say from my point of view yes they both do indeed have skill. In their own ways both of these characters have a unique set of skills that worked for them flawlessly in the case of Montresor and you could say flawlessly for Old Mother Savage as well. In the case of Old Mother Savage she is an old independent women who as the story states “being of the same as her men-folk, a formidable old woman, tall and gaunt, neither given to joking nor to being joked to”. Old Mother Savage lives on her own as her husband is deceased and her son is currently serving in the military and is away at war. This means that an older woman is living alone and is taking care of herself which is no easy task in pre modern Virelogne. Old Mother Savage being able to survive on her own is a skill that I do not think is given enough credit. Now the other “Skill” that Old Mother Savage has was her ability to be so cold hearted and cunning as well as her ability to hold back emotions. After receiving the letter of her sons death and it being dated three weeks back “She did not cry, but stood motionless, so stricken, so stupefied, that for the moment she did not suffer” As she was preparing a rabbit the four Prussians caught she was filled with rage thought of her son and this is where I believe her plan to kill them started. Her asking about their names playing it off as just a curiosity thing and asking for addresses was brilliant of Old Mother Savage. Later that night after she had did the deed and set ablaze to the soldiers and told the crowd and German
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