Curley's Wife Death Analysis

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It was a peaceful day at the ranch, that is until Curley’s Wife’s life was tragically ended. Who is really the most responsible for her death in the novel Of Mice and Men? Curley’s Wife is most at blame for her own death because she knew what Lennie was capable of doing to living things and she got a clear warning from him. Curley’s Wife knew perfectly well what Lennie was capable of. Curley’s Wife says, “Well, Curley got his arm in a sling an’ if Curley gets tough, you can break his other han’. You didn’t put nothing over me about getting’ it caught in no machine” (86). She knows Lennie broke Curley’s hand. This lets her know Lennie can be violent and hurt another human being. Later in the section Lennie says, “I was jus’ playin’ with him…an’ he made like he’s gonna bite me…an’ I made like I was gonna smack him…an’…an’ I done it. An’ then he was dead” (87). Curley’s Wife is now aware Lennie killed a puppy. The puppy is yet another thing Lennie has hurt. Hasn’t she gotten the hint yet? The answer is no, due to the fact that she was killed shortly after finding out about the dog. After seeing how violent and uncontrollable Lennie could be and what he was capable of, she should’ve taken the hint. Curley’s Wife decided not to take Lennie’s warning. Lennie tells her, “I like to pet nice things with my…show more content…
Lennie warned her about liking soft things. She also knew what he could do to people and living things. Plus, he has a mental disability, so he could not fully comprehend what he was doing. Lennie panics and says, “I don’t want you to yell. You gonna get me in trouble jus’ like George says you will” (91). He thought he was just keeping her quiet, not killing her. It’s not like he had the intention to kill her. His mental disability keeps him from thinking like a normal person. Lennie is not responsible for her death because he did not understand what was

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