The Memories of Granny Weatherall

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The Memories of Granny Weatherall In the story “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” Katherine Porter tells a compelling story of a dying eighty-year old woman who is reminiscing on the memories she had throughout her life. Out of all the memories Granny Weatherall is remembering, one seems to stand out more than any of the others; the memories of her bridegroom jilting her on her wedding day. This memory seems to plague Granny Weatherall’s last moments of her life. In the story, you see Granny Weatherall transitioning throughout her life from a healthy, lively, and confident woman –to a woman who is bent, confused, distorted, and unable to let go of her past memories. In the beginning of the story, Granny Weatherall is definitely in a state of denial when it comes to her health and well being. She feels like an eighty year old woman but yet wants nothing to do with Doctor Harry and the hospital staff. Granny Weatherall states “That brat ought to be in knee breeches. Doctoring around the country with spectacles on his nose! Get along now, take your schoolbooks and go. There’s nothing wrong with me.” (1388) When Granny Weatherall makes remakes such as that one; I can only assume that she is in denial of her state of mind and her health. Granny Weatherall was old but she was also very independent, and felt like she was able to care for herself. She didn’t want others such as Doctor Harry telling her that she was unable to care for herself or that she could no longer be independent. She was a very strong willed woman and wanted it to stay that way. Granny Weatherall was also very certain of her faith in GOD. She was sure that her faith in GOD had secured her a place in heaven after death. She was very much involved with her faith; and she trusted a higher power to take care of her in her afterlife. However, by the end of the story I saw Granny Weatherall

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