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I read the book Tuck Everlasting, which was written by Natalie Babbitt. There are one hundred and thirty-nine pages in Tuck Everlasting. The setting of this book is in Treegap. The time line of Tuck Everlasting would be set in the late 1800’s.The two main characters in this book are Winnie and Jesse. Winnie is an average sized girl with brown hair, blue eyes and porcelain skin. She usually wore a dress with her hair down. She is very curious, determined, compassionate, brave, and innocent. An example of her being curious is when she ponders why Jesse will not let her drink from the spring. An example of Winnie being compassionate is when she risks a lot to sneak out again in the middle of the night to help save a friend she dearly loves.…show more content…
Determined to run away, she wakes up early one morning and wanders off into the woods behind her house. After walking for a long time in no actual direction, she comes to a clearing. From behind the trees, she sees a handsome boy drinking from a hidden spring under a big tree. She is very thirsty, so she walks up to the boy to try to drink from the spring, too. They introduce each other, and Jesse insists that Winnie does not drink from the spring. She becomes mad and is about to drink from it when Jesse’s mother and brother, Mae and Miles, come into the clearing. They all began to panic at the thought of Winnie drinking from the spring, so they kidnap her by putting her on Mae’s horse and rush away. After leading Winnie for some time, they stop by a stream to explain the situation of the spring to Winnie. The Tucks all drank from the spring eighty-seven years ago, and none of them has aged since. Despite all the accidents they had, they were unable to die. If Winnie were to drink from the spring, she would stay ten years old for the rest of her…show more content…
Mae is sure to be hanged for shooting him, and that would be the worst thing that happened to them. If she is hanged, she would not be able to die. To help her friends and keep the spring’s secret; Winnie volunteers to take Mae’s place in jail after the family breaks her out. This would give them more time to get away. The plan works perfectly, and although Winnie is in trouble at home, she knows she did the right thing. Many years later, Tuck and Mae come back to Winnie’s town to see what has happened to her. They find her buried in the town cemetery. She married, had children, and lived a long life. Although Jesse is sad he and Winnie will not be together now, they are all proud of her for making the choice to not live forever. I liked this book a lot, because it is somewhat romantic for Jesse to fall in love with Winnie, even though he is seventeen and she is ten. I like to read romantic, adventurous, and real books, so my sister told me to give this book a try. I could not put the book down and finished it in a day and a half. I would recommend this book to anyone who reads really, because it is a fantastic

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