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Dizzy Gillespie Dave Ackerman English 106 18 June 2009 Susan Glaspell’s Play “Trifles” is Justifiable In the short play “Trifles,” Susan Glaspell makes it easy to distinguish the view points between the men and woman. The play is about a woman named Mrs. Wright who is accused of the murder of her husband. Mrs. Wright is a farmer's wife who is also cut off from the outside world. There are three men that are involved with the case and two women, but aren’t there to really help solve the murder. There is an investigation that takes place in the home of the murder. The men and woman both have their own perspective on the mysterious murder. Glaspell makes it seem during this time period that the men are…show more content…
The women use their emotions in order to figure out that Mrs. Wright did commit the murder. By the end of the play they decide to protect her because they seemed to relate to the abuse she endured in the household. The murder was justifiable because during this time period there was no such thing as divorce. Mrs. Wright was dying slowly because of her husband, and the only way to escape was to kill him the same way he killed her bird through strangulation. Mrs. Wright’s situation is comparable to a prisoner who is condemned to incarceration for life with no parole when they have never committed a crime. They start to believe that they may have really committed the crime. When the justice system eventually finds out that they never committed that crime and release them, they become a completely different person. It may be easier for them to believe they had done wrong instead of facing that half of their life was taken. It may be easier for them…show more content…
Wright was a wonderful woman who got along with anyone and was very caring. She was manipulated by her husband he dominated her, keeping her from the rest of the community. Mrs. Wright could only hide her emotions deep inside her and only worsening that torture day by day as he abused her. She had no one to turn to because they had lived so far away. Mr. Wright was killing her slowly but surely and she had no choice but to deal with the agony he put her through. During this time period woman who talked bad on their husbands were looked bad upon. So she had no choice but to keep to herself, even though she probably wouldn’t have anyway because of her humble personality. Mrs. Wright had purchased a songbird which she grew deeply in love with. The bird brought her much more than music, but finally she had some sort of joy and happiness. But Mr. Wright couldn’t possibly see her happy and may have became jealous over this animal because of the happiness it brought his wife so he killed it. It was the thing that brought Mrs. Wright happiness but now brought her fury. All the hidden anger created throughout the years has now had an opportunity to arise. The bird in the cage represents Mrs. Wright trapped and defenseless. But now that Mr. Wright has killed the only thing she cared for, she is free to finally realize what must be done for her to escape the prison Mr. Wright has created for her, so she kills him. When the women realize that Mrs. Wright did commit the

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