Survival as a Theme in the Hunger Games

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In Suzanne Collins’ novel, The Hunger Games, there are many themes, the most important being survival. The story takes place in what used to be North America in a country called Panem, which consists of 12 districts. The Hunger Games were created as punishment for rebellion in District 13, which now lies in ruins. Each year, the remaining districts must provide two tributes to fight to the death in the annual Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen shows survival by keeping her family alive in Seam, and keeping herself alive in the actual Games as well. As a young girl, Katniss’ father was killed in a brutal mine explosion. From then on, Katniss had to take on the role as her family’s caretaker by providing food and any other living essential they may need. When he was still alive, Mr. Everdeen taught his daughter, Katniss, to hunt with a bow and arrow and to gather. He taught what plants were good to eat and warned her of the ones that were poisonous. While it was forbidden to enter the forest, this was the only way to hunt and gather. As she was hunting in the forest, Katniss met a boy who was doing the same task as her. Eventually, Gale and Katniss became best friends. They shared their kill, because Gale had a large family to fend for as well. In turn, Gale taught Katniss how to set snares and traps. She used these skills to provide fresh meat and nutritious plants for her mother and sister, and sold a portion to have money for other supplies. Without Katniss, the family would starve to death, because her mother was too depressed, from her husband’s death, to work and her sister was too young and delicate to participate in gathering food. 24 tributes are thrown into an arena and they are forced to kill or be killed. As they enter, they have no supplies. The cornucopia, a giant, golden horn with a curled tail, is full of food, supplies, weapons, and anything you may
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