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1) Introduce an organization or a business unit and describe how quality is planned and managed. (5 marks) DHL is the global market leader in express and logistics industry. With its brand promise of “Anything, any time, any place"[1], DHL provides air and ocean freight, overland transport as well as international mail services in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, mainly in Europe and middle East. DHL offers their customers with the standardized services as well as innovative and tailored solutions. DHL promise their customers to deliver their goods and mails to the agreed destination at an agreed delivery time and price. DHL act as a broker between their customers and freight carriers to combine their orders in order to reach a volume that allows them to secure cargo space from airlines and shipping companies at competitive rates. Besides that, DHL own four airlines to cater for DHL's commercial activities which they can have a better controls and freedom to manage their activities. Furthermore, DHL Express has an Express Logistics Centre to meet their customers’ specialized logistics, distribution needs and a large air-side facility at the SATS Express courier Centre two to provide their shipments with maximum speed handling. Lastly, for the export of DHL shipments, a DHL gateway located in the Free Trade Zone helps to accelerate customs clearance for their shipments. 2) Based on a work process in the above organization or business unit, explain, with illustration, how any five (5) quality tools can be applied as part of a 6-sigma DMAIC improvement process. DHL picks up the unsorted mails and parcels from their customers and delivery via DHL global postal network the time frame required. DHL provide services to manage the items and deliver to the designated location on their scheduled time that helps to their customers to save a lot

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