M1: Compare And Differences And Unit 9 M2

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Unit 9 M2 In this assignment I will be doing a comparison between two different types of agents by looking at their differences and similarities. I will be looking at call centres and multiples. Thomas Cook and STA Travel Differences Thomas cook has retail agents that they operate which are located in the high street. This allows customers to come in the retail shops and get brochures and book their package holiday. The customers come to the front office of the retail shop and this is where the travel agent welcomes the customers and they must make a good first impression. They will also have to be the first one to interact to the customer and ask them if they need help. Meanwhile call centres only have a back office because they do…show more content…
Even though they have face to face interview it is still located at the back office, they have a short list of people that has been selected and this is for both types of agents. Whereas the call centre agent interview is done on the phone. This is very effective as the recruiter at the call centre can see how well they perform on the phone and to see if they are the right person for the job. But face to face interview are used as a method by the recruitment, as they will see how the candidate are when they are face to…show more content…
This is also another way of attracting customers into the retail shop and also get them to book a holiday. Merchandising and point of sake can be done by having brochures, putting displays on windows and also displaying posters. The brochures have to be check on a regular basis to see that they have enough on the floor. The difference with call centres agent is that they are able to display their merchandise so they will have to do it whilst on the phone. Also retail agents change their displays so that they are able to sell different product and services. This will allow them to advertise new products when it is introduced at their retail

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