Dollar Store Current Market Condition

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Dollar store current market condition Paper Laura Morrison ECO/365 OCTOBER 10, 2011 Tarron Khemraj Dollar store current market condition Paper To analyze the current market value of the Dollar general Store there are other topics that need to be addressed such as the condition of the organization Market Structure of Dollar general in which describe a company that has made strategic changes. These changes will be based on the market effect, of new companies pricing and Technology, productivity, cost structure, wages, and benefits, and other fixed, and variable costs. Furthermore, it will incorporate price elasticity of demand and the relationship between competitors, and supply and demand analysis as well the effect of government…show more content…
While many will only be looking for other dollar stores following exactly the same format, that is incorrect. In today's marketplace all types of retailers are adding dollar departments and dollar aisles to their stores. Every one of these companies represents a threat to your business. It's important that you know them and what they are doing. Determine how best to use your company's strengths to overcome the strengths and overall performance of the competition you've found. How can you do even better? Possibly you'll have an offsetting strength that offers even more to customers. Start working on plans to develop your business into the dynamo you planned for it to become invest the time to double check your competitors for changes they've made. Examine the marketplace to make sure new competitors haven't found a way in without you knowing it. Continually modify your plans to grow your business into the leader of your local marketplace. The bottom line knows everything possible about every competitor. The important steps are to always maintain a good supply of the most in-need consumable dollar store items on the shelves. Your shoppers must always be able to find these necessity items in stock whenever they are needed. These much needed products include household cleaners, health and beauty items, paper products and food items. As the current market structure of the dollar general store is important we look at the effect of government regulations. As seen in the last couple of years, DG has started offering advanced in-store services to their employees which in turn is passed to the consumers. However, more services can be added to attract consumers the best thing any business person can do is to get familiar with the country that you’re targeting. You also have to know your own country’s regulations for importing various

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