Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods Barcode System

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Kudler Fine Foods In 1998 the grand opening of the La Jolla, California, branch for Kudler’s Fine Foods opened and Kathy Kudler’s vision became a reality. Shortly after, two more branches opened up; one in Del Mar California, and a third in Encinitas, California. The concept of the store was to stock all kinds of ingredients for simple meals without going across the town looking for one. (Apollo Group, 2004). Because of the success of the operation, Kudler Fine Foods is interested in developing a system to track customer purchases through a Frequent Shopper Program to award loyalty points for redemption. The objective of the project is to design a system to track customer purchases. Purchases will be tracked and accumulated as loyalty points…show more content…
All three locations operate with a 56k modem. In order for the frequent shopper program to function adequately and efficiently, all locations will need to implement a broadband Internet connection. Keeping with standards, a barcode system will be installed and configured for each location of Kudler Fine Foods. The use of a barcode system in relation to the frequent shopper program is to track customers’ purchases. Knowing the shopping habits of their customers, Kudler Fine Foods will be to implement the rewards program and offer customers item specific discounts based on their purchases. The use of a barcode system in relation to the intranet of Kudler Fine Foods is to act as an inventory control agent. Kudler is then able to track items currently in stock including items that need to be order for restocking and items that are overstocked and are not…show more content…
Tracking purchase information from each store location as well as tracking each customer who applies for a frequent shopper membership will create a heavy use and traffic of the database system. User Interface The interfaces that will go through a complete overhaul include the computer system at each location, the integration of the barcode tracking system and the Kudler Fine Foods website. To join the frequent shoppers program, Kudler will need to collect some basic information will be collected from customer such as name, address, daytime and evening phone numbers, and an e-mail address that will be an optional form entry. Conclusion Smith consulting upon careful planning will design the frequent shoppers program Kudler Fine Foods desires. Smith consulting will ensure that all computer systems throughout all three locations are up-to-date with the hardware and software required to implement such a system. A new inventory tracking system will also be implemented to help Kudler Fine Foods manage its stocking behavior. With thorough testing and a proper roll out, Kudler will see its ideas come to

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