Kudler Food's Scope Statement

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Service Request SR-kf-013 Paper By Michel Potter, Kevin King, Marla Finnegan, Richard Martinez, Rickey Jackson, and Steven Pardus BSA/375 Fundamentals Of Business Systems Development March 24, 2013 Lisa Curry Scope Statement An executive management committee from Kudler Fine Foods has tasked our group to develop requirements for the Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program. The goal of this program is to increase store revenue, increase the company’s customer base, and to refine processes and offerings to make them simpler and quicker. The program must be able to track customer purchases, award loyalty points redeemable by customer, and create partnerships with external companies for products/services obtainable via redemption of loyalty points. Our team is tasked to creatively design a program to meet these goals and objectives, as well as keeping the stake holders in mind while creating the program. Project Stakeholders • Kudler customers • Kudler Foods • Vendors supplying redemption rewards • Specialty food distributors Project Objectives • Business objectives with supporting measures of success for the project • A description of the current business process or system • Identification of the scope or boundaries of the project • Project constraints, including finances, time, resources, and organizational policies or culture • Business functional requirements • Description of the new business process or system – Use the process objectives model and the system objectives model. • Design requirements, including input or output design, interface design, data model, and network model • A cost–benefit analysis Preliminary assignments and tasks for each group member • Steven Pardus will provide

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