Single-Sex Schools Hinder Students’ Social Development Essay

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Single-Sex Schools Hinder Students’ Social Development Name Instructor Course Title Date Single-Sex Schools Hinder Students’ Social Development 1.0. Introduction Students should attend mixed gender institutions for them to develop into completely socialized individuals. When children acquire the school going age, parents usually have to make various decisions regarding the school they would prefer their children to attend. Parents would always prefer a school that is well known for producing individuals well fitted for life in the society. Schools are socializing agents and parents would expect that other than their children acquiring the necessary skills for economic reasons, the children should also be well socialized. By the end of the schooling process they should be able to interact well with members of the society. One of the decisions that parents should always consider is whether to take their child to a single- sex instruction school or a mixed –sex instruction school. Much as single sex schools tend to be advantageous in the academic sense, they can impact negatively on an individual’s socialization process. When there is need to develop an all-round individual, then mixed schools would be much preferable. This project proposes an experimental design that can be used to show the impact of single sex schools on socialization processes of an individual and consequently show that for the development of complete individuals, mixed gender institutions are the ideal educational settings. This project focuses on observation and examination of social behavior and skills in students in single-sex educational set up and those in coeducational settings. Education should be conceptualized as a holistic process and not just that process that imparts knowledge that will enable one fit well in the economic world. When the social dimension of education is

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