Profoundly Multicultural Questions Summary

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Summary In the article Profoundly Multicultural Questions by Sonia M. Nieto she addresses the issue of students of multi-cultural backgrounds and the problems which they are facing in the school system. Nieto highlight the difference in the amount of money and technology available for children of different socioeconomic backgrounds, the marginalization of minority students and the struggles they face from educators and the school system. Abstract In his book Youth and Identity Erickson (1968) relates ego identity and self-esteem to racial identity. He further states that ambiguous messages about one’s race may place at person at risk for developing what he referred to as a “negative identity” (oka 199 pg.3) Minority children faces those issues everyday of their lives and then they are placed in class rooms where teachers don’t understand and appreciate their diversity. A teacher’s appreciation and acceptance for diversity will help them enable children to child gain a positive self-concept. In doing so a child may succeed better academically and socially. Taken in the right concept and not replacing one set of heroes with another a teacher will develop an appreciation that can only be achieved through knowledge about many cultures. Cultural diversity is there to make a child feel included and to have positive self-image of…show more content…
With the appreciation of diversity and the embrace of multiculturalism, attitudes will change because the school system will realize that too long have they marginalized the abilities of minorities and children of different cultures. When teachers in the school system have learned to stop the prejudice and give all children a fair share then it will break the child’s mind set that they do not measure up to their peers and will prove that each child given an opportunity can equally
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