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Single Parenthood 1. Summary The article “Survey dispels myth of failing single parents” from 2006 is written by Denis Campbell. The article involves three single mothers raising their children alone. They are all in the belief that it is best for both the parent and the child. Their convictions are that being a sole parent makes them stronger persons because they are forced to make all the decisions for themselves. They also no longer have any one to get in a fight with and no one to complicate things. One of the women says that her daughter is doing very well and that she could hardly imagine, if a man would be there, it would go any better. They also mention that the upbringing of a child, when being a single parent is more harmonious because they do not have to divide their attention between their children and their partners. 2. Outline The three texts all involve being a single parent. They have different perspectives on the same topic, some positive and some negative. For example in the text “Surveys dispels myth of failing single parents” it is very positive in the perspective towards single parenthood similar to the text “mothers without men”. It is very clear that the women in these articles take some sort of pride in being a single parent and they have to prove themselves to the world and all around them, including themselves that it is possible for them to live the life of a single parent without it all going wrong. The bad associations regarding single parenthood is definitely some of the things the women try to prove wrong. One of the positive views we are introduced to is that if a woman would like to have a child, she no longer have to wait for a man. She can visit the sperm bank and leave as a pregnant woman. The child will grow up without the chances of anyone leaving them, except if the mother dies of course. Another positive view is that

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