How We Kept Mother's Day Analysis

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The Analysis of the text How we kept Mother’s Day by Steven Leacock The short story “How we kept Mother’s Day” by a well-known Canadian writer ,Steven Leacock, depicts family relationship. So, the text begins with the preparation of Mother’s Day. The family decides to thank the mother for all that she had done for them. They plan a beautiful day together but the organization(organizarea) of this day is done by the Mother. She even stays home in order to prepare the dinner but, never the less, she thanks her family for this wonderful day with tears in her eyes. The author emphasizes that the family is conscious about the mother’s role in their life by using inversion to describe it: “how much Mother had done for us for years, and all the efforts and that sacrifice she had made for our sake”. Also he shows the importance of Mother’s Day with the help of comparison “A day just like Xmas” and epithet “such a big occasion”.…show more content…
This fact shows us that the members of the family love themselves more that the Mother. We can say that she is devoted to her family, but doesn’t think about herself at all because she does all the hard work that her family could enjoy the day. As she is altruist, she refuses to buy some new clothes. . in order to show this fact the author uses oxymoron “her old grey bonnet was awfully becoming her”, which is told by the girls. And here we can see a contradiction between the girl’s carelessness towards the mother and the real condition of her
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