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Kieran Connolly Professor Cronin 3/1/12 Raisin Sun After a crucial life changing experience by the Younger family to stay in the white neighborhood has had its pros and cons. The pros have outweighed the cons. The family took the risk of living there with the chance of that great reward, and in the end it finally swayed in their favor after all the tough times they have been through. The first few months were brutal for the Younger family. They would have death wishes put on their front door, and their property would get vandalized frequently. This devastated Mama Younger since she was big into her gardens. They had never been looked down so much in their own neighborhood before and it started to get to them, until Ruth and Travis made…show more content…
She said, “We are no spawn from the devil, we were born just like you.” “The only difference we have is the color of our skin.” “We work hard to support our families and we are just trying to live our only life as good as we can get.” “So please just take the time to realize that, and we will not cause harm to you in any such way as long as no harm is caused on us.” “ Maybe one day we can sit down, have a cup of tea, talk, and become friends.” At first the white people were very taken back by this. But a few weeks down the line the Younger’s noticed changes. There were no longer death threats on their door, and their garden was in one piece. The neighbors started to acknowledge them and greet them like they did to their fellow white neighbors. Walter Lee was so taken back by this that he was so happy Mama did what she did with the money because he believes that what he was going to use the money for would not of gotten him accepted within a white community. The saying “With great risk comes great reward” defines the Younger’s situation. Some people would not take that risk to see the reward, but Mama was willing to do that. In this case the reward is much greater than the risk that was taken. Yes they did risk what they had and encounter some terrible things, but for a black family to be accepted into a white community in this time period you could not ask for a better reward than

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