202 Task B Case Study

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202 Task B Case Study Jenna supports individuals living in their own homes and is having her first appraisal/review with her supervisor, Fatima tells her that she can be trusted to use her own initiative, which is important because she works alone for much of the time. She is told that she is very reliable and caring. Feedback from individuals about her work is generally positive, but there has been a complaint from one service user who says he feels rushed and finds her manner rude. Jenna tells Fatima that she disapproves of some of his ways, which are against her beliefs, but had not realised that this showed in her attitude. Bi. Describe how Jenna should ensure that her personal attitudes and beliefs do not affect her work. Everyone has their own beliefs and preferences and are an essential part of who you are. What you believe in, what you see as important and what you see as acceptable or desirable are as much a part of your personality as whether you are shy, outgoing, funny, serious, friendly or reserved. Jenna should realise that she should provide the same quality of care for all and she can do this firstly by identifying and understanding her own views and values. Jenna could think about the major factors that have influenced her development and this will help to look at how they affect the way Jenna works. Jenna could also make conversation more with the service user as this shows interest and the service user will not feel rushed but at the same time Jenna will be learning more about the service user and may even realise that even though she does not believe in some of his ways, that he is a nice friendly man and is a person of his own choices and beliefs, just like her. Jenna should also ask herself how she would feel if somebody was rude to her just because they didn’t share the same interests or beliefs as her as this would give her more of an

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